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Special Pricing Plan

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Credit / Debit Cards: 1.99% + 39¢ per gift
ACH (Bank Account): 0.75% + 39¢ per gift

Month to Month Plans

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Small Church


per month

3% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
1% + 39¢ per ACH gift

Get your online giving established for free before moving to a plan with lower transaction fees.

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All features included

$10 monthly minimum. If you process less than $10 in monthly processing fees (which is roughly $300 in gifts based on 3% debit/credit or 1% ACH), you will be subject to the $10 monthly minimum. If you process more than $10 in fees, you will just pay normal processing fees, nothing more.

Mid-Size Church


per month

2.6% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift
Best value for small to medium-sized churches that already have an established base of givers.

Large Church


per month

2.09% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts
0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift

Maximum value and features for larger churches of 1,000 or more givers.

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All features included

On the $69/month plan, some cards, such as American Express, are more expensive to process. In the event an accepted card costs more to process than your plan's transaction fee, the processing fee for that transaction may be slightly higher. American Express is typically the most expensive card to accept, around 2.8%. Our system's historical data tells us that you can expect 10% to 30% of your donations to come from these types of cards, if you choose to accept them. Tiered rates will apply

Tiered rates will apply

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Included in all MyChurchGiving plans...

Manage donors and their donations in one place

Option to Restrict Credit Card Use for Payments

Donor Self-Management

Donor Profiles and Management

Donor Profiles and Management

Standard Reports

Report Automation

Full-featured church app included

Equip your donors with multiple ways to give

Online Giving Forms

Mobile App (Android & Apple compatible)

Text Giving

Recurring Giving

Accept ACH Transactions

Accept Debit Card Transactions

Accept Credit Transactions from Popular Cards like Visa®

Donor Helps Cover Processing Fees

We're here to help you and your church succeed

Highly Rated Customer Support

Giving Success Coaches and Resources

Custom Report Creation

Custom Form Builder

ChMS Integrations

Data Import/Export

Event and Registration Forms

Grow your church, build your community, inspire generosity.

“MyChurchGiving has helped our church integrate mobile/online giving and helped increase our giving by 34.6% simply by offering more ways for people to give.”

Troy M., Administrator,
Bellflower, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the free offer?

The free introductory package is the full version of the MyChurchGiving software, no exceptions. Your free trial starts once your account is fully set up. Our team will help you through that process, as well as answer any questions you might have during your trial. You'll also be paired with our Success Coaches who help you implement giving at your church and grow generosity in your congregation.

What is the catch to the free offer?

There are no plans to adjust the $0/month rate at this time, but since it is a month-to-month agreement with no strings attached, prices may change over time.

We do offer contracts now to lock in rates for 1 or 3 years, and in exchange, if you do choose to cancel, you will simply need to buy out the remaining months left if it’s outside of 30 days before the contract auto-renews.

What happens to our money collected with MyChurchGiving?

Money from debit and credit cards are deposited into your organization's bank account within a business day. Money from ACH (e-check) transactions take a few days to be deposited into your church's account. The reason for the delay with ACH is the need for additional verification, whereas debit and credit gives are validated in real-time.

Could you help me present this to my board/leadership?

We would be happy to do a conference call, a webinar, or host a short presentation for your team. We do everything we can to bring early unity and focus for the sake of your mission. Online Giving can have a very positive effect on your organization's funding, and early team buy-in means more rapid growth.

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