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What is a Church App?

Passing the collection plate on Sundays will always be an important aspect of collecting church tithes and offerings. But in today’s highly connected digital world, there are more convenient ways to boost church offerings than asking people to reach for their purses and wallets.

The MinistryOne Church App is the future of giving and engagement, and it can dramatically change your church’s financial outlook. More than 80% of Americans own smartphones, and many use their smartphones to pay bills and manage their finances. The MinistryOne Church App makes it convenient and easy for a congregation to give using their smartphone—after they download the app, giving is as simple as completing a few screen taps.

Digital giving for churches is on the rise and implementing the powerful Church App by MinistryOne equips your congregation to increase their one-time and recurring gifts. On top of giving instantly, the church app can be used to listen to sermons, receive prayer requests, event registration, child check-in, and so much more for a better experience beyond the walls.

More than 15,000 churches already use MyChurchGiving’s online church management software to manage their online giving and engage their community wherever they are.

MinistryOne is MORE than a mobile giving app!

MinistryOne is a full-featured church app that’s already included with every MyChurchGiving plan. Once you join MyChurchGiving and access the free version, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a custom branded app.

Built-In Online Giving

Prayer Requests

Child Check-In

Live Streaming

Push Notifications

ChMS Integrations

On-Demand Media


and more

Does an App Increase Church Donations?

Regular once-a-week church attendance — and tithing — is declining.
The Pew Research Center reports that regular church attendance dipped 3% from 2007 to 2014, and attendance falls even further in summer months as churchgoers schedule vacations, weekend outings, and day trips. That’s less of the congregation tithing regularly, which compounds the fact that only 3-5% of Americans who give to their local churches do so through regular tithing.
Churches that have adopted mobile and online giving have seen overall donations rise by 32%.

Our mobile giving app keeps church engagement high by providing proving a simple means for recurring giving, even on days when churchgoers aren’t in attendance. In the past year, mobile giving rose 205 percent, and nearly 2/3 of all churchgoers say they would be willing to give to their churches using a digital platform.


How MyChurchGiving Benefits Your Congregation

Free sign up and download

It's completely free for donors to sign up and download the giving app. Once they do, they can easily manage gifts, set up recurring donations, and more.


Anyone who wants the MinistryOne church app can easily grab it from the App Store.


People can give from the app using their iOS or Android devices.

Free mobile giving

There aren't any fees for donors to worry about when giving on the mobile app.

Anytime, Anywhere

It's easy to give 24/7, 365 days a year from a device people carry with them everywhere they go—their smartphone.

Ease of use

Tithes can be made in seconds with a few taps of the screen. Donors can easily update payment information and frequency of gifts.

Tracking and giving history

Your church can track their donation amounts and history and use this information for tax reporting, budgeting, and more.

Recurring giving

With a one-time set up, people can schedule recurring gifts and store payment information like credit and debit cards or ACH.

Church App

Every MyChurchGiving plan includes a full-featured mobile app for giving, watching sermons, prayer requests, event registration, push notifications, and more.

Powerful user experience

Everyone can conveniently donate and participate wherever they are, which increases engagement and generosity in the church!

Accept widely used cards

With MyChurchGiving, you can easily accept the most popular cards your congregation carries, like Visa®.

How MyChurchGiving Benefits Church Leadership

MyChurchGiving offers many tools that empower church leadership to better control and manage data from online giving.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Over 15,000 churches trust MyChurchGiving with their online giving
Our giving has increased dramatically and it has really helped those who cannot be there on some Sundays to still remain faithful in their giving.
Carlos L. | Bishop
MyChurchGiving more than paid for itself within the first month of offering online giving. On top of that, our giving has continued to significantly increase month over month!
Kevin S. | Pastor
During the summer months, with busy vacation schedules etc, it is great to be able to count on regular contributions, even when people are unable to attend for a week or two.
James I. | Administrator
MyChurchGiving has quickly grown our attendance at ministry events. The ease of registration, along with credit card payments unlocked the door for many more people to involve themselves in our events.
Terry S. | Administrative Assistant