Accept on-site donations with Kiosk Giving

Use Kiosk Giving for donations, event registration, volunteer sign ups, and everything in between!

Contribute in seconds

Our kiosk software is convenient to use and was designed with your donors in mind. Donors simply select a fund, enter an amount, and swipe their card.
It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Kiosks are shown to increase donations by an average of 16%

Pair your church’s iPad with our Kiosk Giving software and card readers. Seamlessly manage Kiosk donations and registrations from the control panel.

Use kiosks for a variety of church needs

In addition to collecting tithes and donations, your Kiosk Giving let members and visitors sign up and pay for events on-site. MyChurchGiving makes it easy to create custom registration forms that will accept the debit and credit cards your congregation carries, like Visa®.

See how Kiosk Giving works with other MyChurchGiving features to help grow your church

Testimonials & Reviews

Over 15,000 churches trust MyChurchGiving with their online giving
Our giving has increased dramatically and it has really helped those who cannot be there on some Sundays to still remain faithful in their giving.
Carlos L. | Bishop
MyChurchGiving more than paid for itself within the first month of offering online giving. On top of that, our giving has continued to significantly increase month over month!
Kevin S. | Pastor
During the summer months, with busy vacation schedules etc, it is great to be able to count on regular contributions, even when people are unable to attend for a week or two.
James I. | Administrator
MyChurchGiving has quickly grown our attendance at ministry events. The ease of registration, along with credit card payments unlocked the door for many more people to involve themselves in our events.
Terry S. | Administrative Assistant

Features of Kiosk Giving

Kiosk Giving is a convenient add on for MyChurchGiving customers

Kiosks are ideal for special events, during high volume giving seasons, or to incorporate year-round at welcome centers and throughout your church.

Card readers that simplify the giving process

We provide card readers and Kiosk Giving software that pairs with your church's iPad. Accept donations, event registration, and more on-site.

Move kiosks around your church or take to events

Kiosk Giving makes planning for generosity a breeze. You can place them at locations that simply make sense, whether it's a normal Sunday service or an event.

View and manage payments from your MyChurchGiving control panel

Just like online donations given through your website or a smartphone, you can manage kiosk gifts from your control panel, run customized reports, and more.

A simple interface makes generosity easy for everyone

Your church doesn't need to be filled with tech savvy people to give using a credit or debit card. Kiosks simplify the process, so every generation can donate when inspired.

Use custom forms with your kiosk

Kiosks are for more than donations! Forms can be used on your kiosk for people to register and pay for events, small groups, and volunteer sign ups.

Manage credit card use for donations

Choose whether to accept or restrict credit card use for donations and payments. Change the settings in real time and access reports from the MyChurchGiving control panel.

Introduce Kiosk Giving to your church with our resources

Our resources are designed to save you time. We'll provide material that introduces kiosks to your church and shows everyone the steps to make a donation.

Make the most of Kiosk Giving with Success Coaches

Whether you're including kiosks as part of an event or a permanent way to give, our Success Team is here to provide guidance if you'd prefer to speak to a real person.